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    What is VPN? How can it protect you? Anonymously surfing the web with VPN

    Since a company has information about you and your IP address, they can target you with specific ads during your online activity. Therefore, you may get the impression that the ads are following you. And indeed, in a way they do. But what is VPN? And why should you use it? Well, when you connect to a VPN server, your IP address is swapped with one of the many IP addresses of your VPN provider, for example. In this way, your own IP address is never visible for les meilleur VPN pour France via Globalwatchonline.FR

    • The result? Many different personal details will be linked to the same IP address – that of the VPN server. Because companies don’t know who the real owner of that IP address is, they won’t be able to track you. This is how you achieve real, meaningful anonymity. If you are always surfing the Internet while connected to a VPN, no one will be able to know who you are and where you came from.

    VPNs encrypt your connection

    In the search for what VPN is, we can’t fail to mention one of its main advantages: encryption. We need this so-called encryption especially outside the home. Because in bars, restaurants, in public transport and hotels we often connect to public Wi-Fi networks. If we connect to such’a public network, we run the risk of being spied on by a so-called “middle man”. Long story short, hackers could see everything sent over the public network at NordVPN Turkey.

    • This means that someone could intercept your password, personal information and even bank details. So how do we solve this problem? A VPN, of course. Because in addition to changing your IP address, a VPN also encrypts your connection. By doing this, every bit of your online activity becomes unreadable by third parties. This means that if you’re on a public network with a hacker looking in, all he or she will see – instead of your password – is unreadable gibberish with the use of the NordVPN trial.

    VPNs, geo-blocking and saving money

    Using a VPN also comes with other interesting perks. Many users subscribe to a VPN to increase anonymity and secure browsing, others do so to access foreign catalogs of their favorite streaming service. An obvious example is Netflix. Its American catalog is the largest in the world. This is why many people turn to a VPN to increase their selection of movies and TV series.

    Most every VPN offers servers in more than ééone country. By connecting to a server located in France, your connection will be treated as actually coming from France. And connecting to a U.S. server gives you a U.S. IP address.